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Centering Prayer Groups

Our Centering Prayer groups are meeting in-person, by Zoom, or a hybrid of both.
In-person attendees are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
Masks and social-distancing are recommended.
Contact the facilitator to find out details and to get Zoom links.


12:00 noon -  Our Lady of the Assumption  Chris Thompson (Zoom only)

3:00 pm - Redeemer  Rev. Bill Combs

5:00 pm - Grace Episcopal  Jeff Jones

7:00 pm - St. Anna’s Catholic   Tom Brown


12:00 noon - St. Luke's Atlanta  Maggie Winfrey (Zoom only)

4:30 pm - Alpharetta Presbyterian  Debbie Engler-Key

6:15 pm - St. Bartholomew's Atlanta   Bill Gould

7:30 pm - Ignatius House  Maggie Winfrey (Zoom only)


9:30 am - Transfiguration  Rena Cresman  (Zoom & in person)

10:00 am - Jasper, GA   Claudia Campbell (In person)

3:00 pm - Cherry Log  Cindy Avens & Dick Zelley

4:00 pm - St. Peter’s Episcopal, Rome  Jane Cunningham

4:00 pm - St. James Episcopal, Marietta Billie Shook

6:30 pm - St. Anthony of Padua Leslie Geer

7:00 pm - All Saints Episcopal  Gretchen Chateau (In person Room P202)

7:00 pm - St. Anna’s Monroe  Tom Brown

7:00 pm - Our Lady of the Assumption  Chris Thompson (Zoom only)

7:00 pm - St. Thomas More  Joanna Brunson (Zoom only)


10:30 am - St. Clare's Episcopal  Vernon & Mary Joyce Dixon

12:00 pm - Ignatius House   Maggie Winfrey (Zoom only)

5:30 pm   - St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Newnan Nicole Walters (In person)

7:00 pm - St. Julian's Douglasville Ken Hatcher  (In person)  


11:00 am - Alpharetta Presbyterian Debbie Engler-Key

2:00 pm - Good Shepherd Episcopal, NC  Vernon and Mary Joyce Dixon


9:00 am - St. Ann’s - Jo Anne Green (with Lectio Divina after Centering Prayer)

9:00 am - St. Mary & St. Martha  Wendy Darrow Maddox

9:00 am - St. Anthony of Padua  Leslie Geer

9:00 am - St. Thomas More, Decatur  Joanna Brunson (In person)

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