Embracing transformation through Centering Prayer

We are a network of communities and individuals seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to contribute to the renewal of the Christian contemplative tradition through the practice of Centering Prayer

Coronavirus Update: Because the number of cases in Georgia are continuing to increase and have not begun to decline, we are cancelling all face-to-face meetings through May 31st with a probable extension into June. Until we have universal testing, enough protective gear, and sanitizing materials we will not hold face-to-face group meetings. Presently we are meeting through virtual online sources wherever possible.  Contact your Centering Prayer group leader listed under Centering Prayer groups above for further details or

Maggie at if you would like to join a virtual group online.

             We are asking everyone to continue to work together to stop the spread of the virus                 by self-isolating at home.

We are being called to a new challenge we have never had before that will determine our existence: for all to step up and work together for the good of all. May we do what we can with what gifts we have to benefit all and bring us safely through this crisis. "Whoever you are, the land to which God has brought you is not like the land... from which you came... You can no longer live here as you lived there. Your old life ... and your former ways are crucified now...and you must not seek to live any more for your own gratification, but sacrifice your pleasures and comforts for the love of God" Thomas Merton, Seven Story Mountain


At Contemplative Outreach Atlanta, we teach the method of Centering Prayer to promote peace, contemplative prayer, and a deeper relationship with God. The North Georgia branch of the international Contemplative Outreach Ltd. organization, we are nondenominational and welcome all faiths and all people to our workshops and meetings. 

Do you seek the still small voice of God?  Do you seek a more intimate relationship with God? Centering Prayer, a prayer of consent, is sitting silently in the presence of God in a loving relationship. It is both a relationship with God and a discipline in total service to the relationship.

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"Silence is God's first language. Everything else is a poor translation."

Thomas Keating


Atlanta, Georgia 30303


Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328


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